Release Notes / Thoughts

Colorful, vibrant, dynamic – BNTT003 !

Admittedly, were quickly get to an point of problem, when we want to describe music. There are just too many components and feelings, how a song affects us after listening the first, second or third time and above all what emotions we generate and convey from it.

Just in time for the hottest time of the year, Børk Stellar and Marc Werner deliver with “Closer” not only visually a colourful firework display but also in terms of content, a dynamic overall package. Paired by Latin Groove Percussions, a concise guitar riff, and catchy vocal tips, “Closer” transports only good vibes into the ears, minds and hearts of the listeners

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Release Date : 11. August 2022
Artists : Bjørk Stellar, Marc Werner
Genre : Deep House
Format : Digital Download
Catalog ref. : BNTT003
Format : Digital Download